FooDogs IT offers professional network and computer consulting services to businesses in the greater Topeka and Kansas City areas. If your business needs experienced, knowledgable, and certified consultants to solve its network problems or interests, you should contact us.

We know one of the most common challenges experienced by small to medium-sized business managers is how to cost-effectively support and manage their IT infrastructure so that it reliably meets their business needs.Typically, small business managers do not have the expertise to do this themselves and yet employing dedicated in-house resources with the required experience can add significantly to business overheads. Additionally, many businesses have had a bad experience with unskilled and inexperienced IT consultants who have promised much and delivered little…yet they are too small to get effective or affordable outsourced support from the major vendors.

Our company and engineers have the knowledge and skills it takes to run mission critical systems. To keep your email servers up and running. To keep your databases clean and efficient. To keep your websites uncluttered and fast loading for older machine your clients may have. We can do more with less. We help keep your TCO down and reward you with sustained uptime. We have experience and expertise in local, county and state government. We support companies with no IT staff, there we become their IT staff without the head aches of HR. We also support companies with existing IT staff and become their go-to-guys for technical expertise. So whether you are a small company or a large corporation we have the skills serve you. Our record and experience speaks for itself. If we can run the computers and networks of an entire city, just think what we can do for your business.