FooDogs IT is a locally owned company founded by a former Chief Information Officer of a large company. He has also on the board to several non-profit organizations as well as a USA amateur certified boxing coach. I have had over twenty years of experience in Information Technology (IT) management and many years of mostly bad experience with computer consulting companies, both directly and indirectly. I felt like none of the companies I dealt with were interested in giving me network and computer systems that ran well, that fit our business model, left room for expansion, and were affordable. They were about what the sold as a reseller.

Eventually I decided to start a company whose intentions were to help businesses make technology work for them; to assist them without taking advantage of their lack of expertise or understanding. We take pride in making our clients systems run smoothly. We never fix one problem and cause another then charge for it. We never tell you that something cannot be fixed because we can't figure out how to fix it. Our focus is giving you the greatest value for the money your company spends on consulting services. In fact, our services are guaranteed.